What is a ‘Team Z’ anyway? It sounds like a business, or a sports team. It IS a sort of business, and it’s definitely a team. But ‘Team Z’ is not a team based on material capital or enterprise or winning games. ‘Team Z’ is a way of life. Take one look at the ‘Team Z’ motto, ‘Loving, Encouraging, Blessing’ and you start to get an idea of what the Zwyghuizen family is all about.

Known as the leaders of Team Z (their family of five), Mel and Ed are passionate about teaching, guiding, and leading people to live out God’s story in their lives through loving, encouraging, and blessing others both near and far. Ed is the owner of Gen 1 Architectural Group, a West Michigan-based architectural firm, and Mel is a veteran high school and college educator. Both enjoy every opportunity God provides them to speak about their concept of “intentional parenting,” the missional family and to partner with family-oriented missions.

To get in touch with Ed and Mel, please contact them at the following addresses. They’d love to hear from you!

Ed: zwyghuizen@icloud.com

Mel: emzwyg@icloud.com