Looking for someone to speak to your small group, large group, church, conference….?

Whether it’s motivating parents to lean more intentionally into God’s plan for their family; or teaching students to live out God’s plan for their lives; or encouraging a group of moms along the way; Ed and Mel have the expertise and experience to inspire others as they share their story.

Both enjoy every opportunity God provides them to speak about their concept of “intentional parenting,” the missional family and to partner with family-oriented missions.


Here are some of Team Z’s speaking topics. If you have any questions or would like to hear them speak on an alternative subject, feel free to contact them at the addresses below! They are willing and able to adapt to your needs!

  • Saying NO, so you can say YES to God; (to a parent group)
  • Intentional Parenting (Having a Mission to Guide Your Family into God’s Plan)
  • Saying Yes for the Life of the World
  • How to Live in the World, and not be OF it

From the West Coast to the East …and everywhere in between…

March 2016

Solana Beach Presbyterian Church (mom’s group, parent group, whole congregation) 

  • – Solana Beach, California



November 2016

National High School Leadership Conference

  • – Washington D.C.



To get in touch with Ed and Mel, please contact them at the following addresses. They’d love to hear from you!

Ed: zwyghuizen@icloud.com

Mel: emzwyg@icloud.com