Did you know: The average person in Africa and Asia has to walk 6 kilometers every day for clean water. That's 32 hours out of every week spent walking for water. This task is usually left to women and children.

w4wChances are, you’ve never had to think about where your next glass of clean water is coming from. Yet nearly 663 million of the world’s poorest people think about it every day as they travel great distances to collect it from the nearest river or swamp. That’s a harsh truth to swallow, isn’t it?

If you’re passionate about creating access to clean water for those without it, you can help by doing something you do every day—walking.

The Zwyghuizen family started the Walk for Water program to make clean water a reality for people who don’t have it. At 8 years old, Greta Z. already knew that “it’s not right” that people have to drink dirty water. She and her family decided to take action and the results have brought clean water to thousands of people in Rwanda. This year Greta will participate in her 11th Zeeland Walk for Water!

The Walk for Water event grows and changes with each new year. In 2017, Team Z is excited to introduce a new curriculum for parents to follow in the weeks leading up to the Walk! Follow along with the guided curriculum, which you will find below.

 The 2017 Walk for Water is in the books! THANK YOU to everybody who volunteered and walked to make this years' event a success! Let's do it again in 2018!! The 2017 Weekly Lessons/Devotions will continue to be available at the links below.

Walk for Water events are organized by and benefit 20 Liters. For the millions of people across the world without access to clean water, however, that walk can take hours and culminates in filling a 20-liter jerry can with dirty water from a river, swamp, or even a muddy puddle. 20 Liters believes that that's just not right, and they're doing something about it. Join their efforts to provide clean water for every single body on the planet—20 Liters at a time. Click HERE for more information!

You can still donate to Team Z's 20 Liters campaign, please click HERE and, as always, THANK YOU for your support!

Lessons / Devotions

Introduction for Parents

As we write, we think on Deuteronomy 11, where God tells us to teach our children His words and fix them in our minds and hearts. To talk about them when we sit at home, when we walk along the road (or shall we say drive in our mini vans!), when we lie down and when we get up! It is exactly with that intention that we provide you with this guide. Use it as you wish in the building weeks before the Walk for Water 2017 to help your family understand that it isn't just one event that we go to and "help the poor" for a day, but rather that these are God's precious children on the other side of the world that He loves as much as He loves our families on this side of the world, and He has called us to care for them.

We pray that you and yours will have amazing, and maybe sometimes difficult, conversations as you journey together in learning and praying more about those around the world without access to clean water and sanitation. Perhaps you set aside time each day or week to go through each devotion? Or perhaps you do only a portion a few days a week... We pray that you find what works for your family as you guide them into the important pursuit of becoming God's aware and active people who will join Him in His redemptive work.